Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer

Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer

Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam Mixmaster has been a part of American kitchens for over 30 years, and there’s a reason its remained one of the most popular stand mixers for over 3 decades. The Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster combines a modern, streamlined style with enough power for any mixing chore. The white mixing head is smaller than other stand mixer models but still offers 12 speed options and a 350 motor. It is capable of mixing stiff doughs and creaming cold butter evenly and smoothly. The white case is accented by gray soft grip handles on the tilt head. The large handle makes it easier to tilt the mixing head back to add ingredients, switch attachment or remove the bowl.

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If you’re tired of ingredients flying out of the bowl when you start mixing, the special soft start method used by this Sunbeam mixer will make you a happy cook. The mixers start out slowly, no matter how high you set the speed, to reduce disturbance that flings liquids or flour out of a full mixing bowl. Instead of a single stainless steel bowl, the Mixmaster comes with two tempered glass bowls for easy exchange when you need to create two separate mixtures. A special off-center mixing method allows you to scrape the sides of the bowl with the mixing attachment, rather than stopping to manually scrape ingredients back to the center of the bowl.

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This mixer also features:

  • Multiple dough hooks, whisks and beaters
  • Locking mixer head
  • Lightweight plastic casing for easier storage
  • Modern white and gray color scheme

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Owen likes having a basic stand mixer with plenty of power that didn’t cost him $200 dollars or more. Ellen agrees, noting that the lower cost of this mixer means that if it lasts at least a fifth as long as a much more expensive mixer it will still be more cost effective. She also loves the tilting head that makes removing her new cookie dough or muffin batter much easier. (More Reviews)

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