Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer, Black

Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer, Black

Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer, Black

Lumpy batter, stiff dough and sore wrists take the fun out of cooking or baking. The Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer does the hard work of mixing, kneading or stirring for you while costing far less than many competitors. You also save money by essentially getting two quality appliances for the price of one. The mixing head of the stand mixer detaches and works as a powerful hand mixer for when you need more control over the mixing process. If you’re making a very large batch of something, the hand mixer allows to stir and blend without making multiple batches in the included mixing bowl.

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This mixer comes with a standard flat beater, a dough hook for lightweight doughs and a stainless steel mixing bowl. While other mixers use levers or knobs that break easily to adjust the height of the mixing head, the Sunbeam Stand Mixer simply tilts back when you’re ready to change attachments or remove the mixing bowl. Six speeds let you slowly blend cookie dough or beat meringue in a matter of minutes. The large mixing bowl and the minimalist mixing head combine to let you watch the contents of the bowl as it mixes.

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The Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer includes:

  • Six speed options
  • Tilt back mixing head
  • Convenient removable hand mixer
  • Compact 10 “ by 15 “ footprint
  • Multiple beater attachments

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People who own the Sunbeam Hand and Stand Mixer highly recommend it. C. Andrew Currie says that the sleek black style fits modern and contemporary kitchens, while the mixing unit handles most sauces, batters and even mousse with ease. Beth Cholette didn’t even see the point in owning a stand mixer, but once she received this model as a gift she loves it. She says that as an avid baker she’s never even used the two highest settings due to the power of the mixing head. (More Reviews)

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