Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Speed Hand Mixer

Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Speed Hand Mixer

Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Speed Hand Mixer

A quality hand mixer helps you make lump free mashed potatoes in no time, or mix up a fresh batch of mousse for a holiday dinner party. When you don’t feel like pulling out a stand mixer or need more control over the mixing process, try the Waring Pro WHM100 Professional 10-Spreed Hand Mixer. It is powerful enough to cut through cold butter or whip egg whites into fluffy peaks. The 250 watt motor provides more power than some stand mixers can claim, and is certainly more of a workhorse than most hand held mixers. You don’t have to lose mixing power just because you prefer a hand mixer.

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The built in LED timer on the handle also makes mixing to a specific time limit very easy. No more guessing when you’ve reached 6 minutes of mixing or setting a separate kitchen timer. Despite it’s powerful motor and large attachments, this unit is lightweight and remains comfortable even after extended use. Ten speeds allow you to stir slowly or pick a speed perfect for the mixture you’re making. Two large balloon beaters are included with the mixer, but Waring also offers other attachments that fit this hand mixer.

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The Waring Professional 10-Speed also features:

  • 250 watt motor
  • 2 stainless steel beaters
  • Easy to clean black casing
  • Built in LED timer

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One hand mixer owner from California says that after trying four more expensive hand mixers, she was happy to find that the Waring model could handle the heaviest mixes at a lower price point. She also found the built in time surprisingly effective and no longer has to keep an eye on the wall clock while mixing. Another customer loves the stainless steel beaters that are dishwasher safe and won’t rust and leave red specks in food. (More Reviews)

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